Medellin to Guatape Taxi

Welcome to your day trip from Medellín to Guatapé! I am Andrés, your driver and guide for this exciting tour. Together we will explore the wonders of Guatapé, a town known for its beautiful colorful houses and iconic stone Peñol.

We will start early in the morning, when you will be picked up at your hotel in Medellín. Along the way, I will show you some of Colombia’s stunning natural scenery. We will also stop to sample some delicious local food and drinks.

When we arrive in Guatapé, I will take you on a stroll through the town. There, you can explore the local stores and restaurants and admire the colorful skirting boards that adorn the town’s houses. Afterwards, we will head to the iconic Peñol de Piedra, a huge granite rock that rises more than 200 meters above the ground – it is also possible to climb the 740 steps to the top for a spectacular view!

After visiting the Peñol de piedra, we will go to see the Guatapé lake. There, you can take a boat ride or just stroll along the shore and enjoy the natural beauty. There are also many restaurants and bars where you can enjoy cold drinks and local food.

Finally, we will return to Medellín after an exciting and unforgettable day in Guatapé. I hope you enjoyed your experience and that you will come back soon for more adventures in Colombia, and thank you for trusting me, your cab driver and guide, Andres!

Hello everyone! My name is Andres and I am a cab driver and tour guide working for Copebombas Medellin. I am pleased to share with you the importance of choosing a safe and reliable cab service on your next visit to Medellin.

At Copebombas Medellin, we pride ourselves in offering an exceptional cab service that ensures the safety and comfort of our clients. All of our vehicles are properly maintained and equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a safe and hassle-free driving experience.

In addition, all of our drivers are carefully selected and trained to provide exceptional service and ensure the safety of our customers at all times. Our drivers are highly trained in defensive driving techniques and are up to date with the latest traffic regulations to ensure a safe and smooth ride.

We make sure to comply with all necessary legal and safety requirements to ensure that our customers have a safe and comfortable experience. We also offer a variety of travel options to suit our customers’ needs, from short trips within the city to day trips to popular destinations such as Guatapé.

In short, at Copebombas Medellin we pride ourselves in offering a safe and reliable cab service that guarantees customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable way to travel in Medellin, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to provide you with the best travel experience possible!

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