Medellin into a 15-minute city?

Medellin, the second-largest city in Colombia, faces significant challenges when it comes to transportation. In recent years, the city has made significant progress towards creating a more efficient and accessible transportation system, with a focus on implementing the “15-minute city” concept. The 15-minute city is a planning concept that aims to make it possible for residents to access all their daily needs within a 15-minute radius of their homes, on foot or by bike.

To make Medellin a 15-minute city, several strategies could be implemented. One approach could be to prioritize pedestrian and bike infrastructure. This would involve creating more pedestrianized streets and bike lanes throughout the city. Another strategy could be to promote the use of public transportation by expanding and improving the existing metro and bus systems. Additionally, the city could work to create more mixed-use neighborhoods, with shops, schools, and public spaces located within residential areas.

Another important step towards creating a 15-minute city would be to involve residents in the planning process. Community engagement and participation can help ensure that transportation projects meet the needs and preferences of local residents. This could include public forums, surveys, and workshops that allow residents to provide input on transportation plans.

Overall, the transformation of Medellin into a 15-minute city would require a significant investment of resources and political will. However, the potential benefits, including improved quality of life, reduced traffic congestion, and increased economic opportunities, make it a worthwhile goal for the city to pursue.

As former Mayor of Medellin Sergio Fajardo once said: “It’s not about the beauty of the buildings, it’s about the quality of life of the people.” By implementing the 15-minute city concept, Medellin can focus on improving the lives of its residents by creating more accessible, sustainable, and equitable transportation options.

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