The Allure of the Metro

Journey Through Medellin: The Allure of the Metro

Medellin, Colombia’s City of Eternal Spring, is a testament to transformation and resilience. Emerging from a tumultuous past, the city has managed to reinvent itself into a vibrant destination teeming with art, culture, and innovation. And at the heart of this transformation is the Medellin Metro, a symbol of pride for the city and its inhabitants, the Paisas.

Why Paisas Love Their Metro

The Medellin Metro, which began operations in 1995, is Colombia’s only metro system and serves as a lifeline for the city. It’s not just a means of transportation, but a powerful symbol of progress, unification, and civic pride for Paisas. Here’s why they hold their metro in such high regard:

1. Symbol of Transformation

The metro represents Medellin’s journey from a city once infamous for crime and drug trafficking to a hub of innovation and development. It stands as a testament to the resilience of Paisas and their determination to create a better future for their city.

2. Unifying Force

The Medellin Metro connects various parts of the city, making it accessible for everyone. This has been instrumental in unifying different neighborhoods, fostering a sense of community and shared identity among the diverse inhabitants of the city.

3. Commitment to Cleanliness

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Medellin Metro is its cleanliness. Paisas take great pride in their metro system and maintain a collective commitment to keeping it clean. It’s not unusual to see passengers picking up after themselves and others, ensuring the trains and stations remain tidy.

Navigating the Medellin Metro: Clean, Safe, and Affordable

With a network that spans over the city, the Medellin Metro provides a clean, safe, and affordable way to explore the city’s many offerings.

1. Cleanliness

As mentioned, the Medellin Metro is known for its cleanliness. The stations and trains are well-maintained and spotless, a testament to the pride Paisas take in their metro system. This commitment to cleanliness not only creates a pleasant travel environment but also contributes to the overall efficiency of the system.

Journey Through Medellin: The Allure of the Metro
Journey Through Medellin: The Allure of the Metro

2. Safety

Safety is a top priority for the Medellin Metro. Stations and trains are well-lit, and there’s a significant security presence to ensure passengers feel safe. While petty crime can occur, as in any major city, it’s relatively infrequent in the metro system.

3. Affordability

The Medellin Metro offers an economical way to navigate the city. With affordable ticket prices, it’s accessible to locals and tourists alike. The metro also provides free transfers to the city’s network of cable cars, known as Metrocable, allowing passengers to explore even more of the city on a single ticket.

Purchasing Tickets and Using the Medellin Metro

Purchasing tickets for the Medellin Metro is straightforward. Tickets can be bought at ticket counters or automatic machines available in every metro station. For frequent riders, there’s the option to purchase a Civica card – a rechargeable card that offers convenience and often shorter lines at the turnstiles.

To use the Medellin Metro, simply insert your ticket or tap your Civica card at the turnstile, and you’re good to go. The system operates on a flat-rate basis, meaning you can travel as far as you like on a single ticket.

Remember, the Medellin Metro operates with certain etiquettes, including no eating or drinking and giving up seats for the elderly or pregnant women. These customs are part of the respect Paisas have for their metro and contribute to the system’s overall cleanliness and harmony.

In conclusion, the Medellin Metro is more than just a transportation system. It’s a symbol of Medellin’s transformation and a source of immense pride for Paisas. Whether you’re a visitor looking to explore the city or a local commuting to work, the metro offers a clean, safe, and affordable way to navigate the vibrant city of Medellin.

Exploring Medellin: A Journey Through the Metro and Beyond

Setting Off on the Adventure
Our adventure kicks off in the bustling area of Medellin known for the sale of auto parts and motorcycles, sometimes of dubious origin. Taxis are scarce in this locality, so we decide to experience the city’s popular mode of transport, the metro, affectionately referred to as ‘metro del medallo’, for many of us, a first-time encounter.

Boarding the Metro
Our journey takes us to the ‘Exposiciones’ station to board the metro. The ticket machines resemble those found in countries like Chile, enabling us to top up our metro cards easily. A trip costs 3,000 Colombian pesos per person, translating approximately to 12 Mexican pesos.

We quickly notice that Medellin’s metro is notably clean and well-maintained, with stringent rules against vandalism. There has been just one graffiti incident, and thanks to the constant police presence across all stations, it’s a safe travel spot.

Metro Journey Experience
Once aboard the train, we find it slightly more spacious than trains we’ve experienced elsewhere, like Monterrey. Medellin’s trains are interconnected, facilitating a smoother journey and offering a broader view of the city’s beautiful landscape.

During our ride, we head towards ‘La Estrella’ and ‘El Poblado’, two popular zones in Medellin. We pass ‘Las Palmas’, an area famed for its motorcycle and car races and for its panoramic views of Medellin.

Reaching Our Destination
Finally, we arrive at our destination, ‘El Poblado’, a neighborhood popular among YouTubers and renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Medellin is a sprawling city with various neighborhoods and zones to explore, including ‘La Estrella’, ‘Caldas’, ‘Envigado’, and more, home to approximately six million inhabitants.

Wrapping Up Our Adventure
After a day filled with novel experiences, exploration, and fun, we wrap up our Medellin adventure. Our last stop is a local bridge, where we get the chance to savor panoramic city views before hailing a taxi to return to our hotel.

In conclusion, Medellin offers a rich diversity of experiences, from vibrant urban culture to stunning panoramic views, all accessible through its efficient metro system. Whether you’re seeking adventure or just wanting to appreciate the city’s beauty, Medellin has something to offer everyone.

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